Woman with Cerebral Palsy Who Is Fighting Foreclosure Arrested

hcsp.jpgA woman engaged in a bitter battle with Wells Fargo over foreclosure of her southern California home was arrested late Thursday at the tony residence of the bank’s CFO in San Marino, where she and dozens of supporters were protesting.

Ana Casas Wilson, who has cerebral palsy, sits in the living room of her South Gate, Calif. in December 2011. Wells Fargo has completed foreclosure on the home and eviction could be imminent, but Wilson refuses to leave, and argues that the foreclosure was unecessary.

Ana Casas Wilson, 49, who lives in the working-class neighborhood of South Gate, faces eviction from her childhood home. Like many people who have been through foreclosure, she says that the bank wrongly denied her a loan modification and moved to foreclose even when she was able to catch up.
In an action that is becoming increasingly common, Wilson has taken her complaint public and her protest directly to bank officials. In Thursday’s protest, with at least 80 supporters, she attempted to deliver her mortgage payment directly to Tim Sloan, the top financial officer for Wells Fargo. In addition to protesting the foreclosure, the group was challenging an ordinance created last year making it harder to picket in this wealthy enclave.
“People are deciding to take this stand that was previously a little unthinkable,” said Peter Kuhns, with the Alliance of Californians for Community Empowerment, which helped organize this and other “home defense” actions. “They are risking arrest, refusing to leave, getting their families involved and putting themselves out there.”
Many people are shedding the sense of shame of foreclosure, which kept most people silent in the past, even if they didn’t think they had done anything wrong, he said.
“More and more people are standing up and willing to go public because there is no other remedy and putting public pressure on the bank,” said Kuhns.
Wells Fargo did not respond directly to Wilson’s situation, but provided a statement in response to queries about her.
Source: MSNBC | Kari Huus