US Watching for Revenge Attack Over Bin Laden Death


Once again, American leaders find themselves preparing for the possibility of a terrorist attack.

U.S. intelligence officials say al Qaeda is seeking to take revenge for the killing of their leader, Osama bin Laden. Consequently, implementing extra security measures both in America and overseas.
“I think the major issue for al Qaeda is to do something, to prove that they’re still alive, to do some fairly major event or series of attacks that prove that they’re not down, they’re not out,” counter-terrorism expert Richard Clarke said.
President Obama has been briefed about possible al Qaeda plans for retaliation for bin Laden’s death.
Officials say they don’t have specific information about an imminent strike, but al Qaeda’s top bomb maker, Ibrahim Hassan al-Asiri, has just re-surfaced in Yemen.
Al-Asiri is believed to be responsible for the attempted 2009 “underwear bomb” attack as well as the bombs hidden in printers that al Qaeda tried to ship to Chicago in 2010. American intelligence officials say he could be building more bombs to use against the United States.
“It doesn’t take a great number of people to do the kind of attack that we had on September 11,” Clarke explained. “That was less than two dozen people and it’s clear that they have that number available in places like Yemen today.”
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Efrem Graham