WATCH: Israeli Prime Minister, Who Once Worked with Mitt Romney, Refuses to Get Into U.S. Politics

Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu insists he has no interest in taking sides in the U.S. presidential election. But in an exclusive interview with CNN’s Erin Burnett, he did reflect on likely Republican nominee Mitt Romney, who, like Netanyahu, worked at the Boston Consulting Group in the 1970s. “I was a young recruit and he was already a star manager.”

What are his memories of the young Mitt Romney? “He looked the same. Isn’t that disturbing? I don’t look the same. He looked the same.”
Beyond that, Netanyahu went to great lengths to avoid making any gesture that could be considered an endorsement in the 2012 race. “I respect Mitt Romney as I respect Barack Obama, the president of the United States. And that’s the end of the ranking…I have enough politics here than to get into American politics.”
SOURCE: CNN / OutFront