Pastor Ed Young Under Fire for Using Real Animals at Easter Service


The pastor of a North Texas mega-church who is no stranger to stunts is now facing new criticism.

This time, it’s not over a sex sermon; it involves his use of live animals during an Easter Sunday service.
Fellowship Church pastor Ed Young says it was a creative Bible lesson; humane groups call it cruel and unnecessary.
Stacy Smith of the Humane Society of Flower Mound attended worship service at Fellowship Church on Easter morning after hearing that live animals might be a part of the service. When a lion and lamb were brought out, Smith recorded the scene with her cell phone.
“The handlers of the lion ran around the cage, sort of poking at him and taunting him to get him to lunge around,” she said.
Young’s message: The paradox of Jesus as both lion and lamb.
But Smith said she came away with a different paradox: Mistreatment of animals in a place designed to teach compassion.
“Thousands and thousands of churches are able to convey the same exact message without using live animals,” Smith said.
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Steve Stoler