Jeremy Lin’s Christian Faith to Be Focus of New Documentary


Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks starting point guard who is currently recovering from a knee surgery, may see his life transformed into a film sometime soon.

Lin, 23-year-old Asian-American NBA player, will reportedly be the focus of an upcoming documentary. The film is currently being pitched to various Hollywood executives by the Creative Artist’s Agency, according to a Los Angeles Times report.
Although the documentary has yet to be titled, it will reportedly focus on Lin’s California upbringing, his matriculation through Harvard University where he played basketball yet remained unrecruited by the NBA before being accepted into the league and waived by two teams. Lin’s appearance in the D-League that led him to becoming a starter for the New York Knicks will also reportedly appear in the film, which will also highlight his Christian faith.
The documentary will be directed by Evan Jackson Leong, a friend of the NBA star who helped him create a YouTube video series called “Day in the Life” while Lin was a bench player for the Golden State Warriors. Leong also has experience assisting Justin Lin, the director of the “Fast and Furious” franchise who has no relation to the basketball star.
The popularity of Lin rose in February when the Christian athlete became a sensation known as “Linsanity.” “Linsanity” has been used by NBA stars, sports pundits, celebrities and fans alike to describe the phenomenon surrounding the player who went from being overlooked by multiple teams to breaking records in one week. After his first week starting for the Knicks, Lin managed to become the first player in NBA history to put up numbers of at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his first four starting games.
Lin called his journey nothing short of miraculous.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Christine Thomasos