Insiders Fear Hollywood Will Ruin NFL Star Tim Tebow’s Game, Wholesome Image


Tim Tebow is currently the hottest property in the sports world, but he is fast becoming Hollywood’s hottest property as well. The New York Jet is signed to the sports division of leading Hollywood agency CAA, following an alleged battle between the top agencies, who all wanted a piece of Tebow.

But could all the Tinseltown-type attention jeopardize his game and wholesome Christian image?
The NFL sensation – who works with brands like Nike, Jockey International and EA Sports, was even turned into a superhero “Super Tim” by Marvel Comics last year, and has been romantically linked to the likes of Taylor Swift and Diana Argon. Tebow’s also in-demand when it comes to A-list Hollywood parties.
All-in-all, Tebow is now considered a “number one get” for Manhattan and L.A party planners. With that, he has also become top prey for the paparazzi – and was even snapped getting a pedicure/manicure in Los Angeles this week. His fashion choices and sex symbol status are also routinely a subject of debate in the weeklies and online gossip sites.
But the Jets are reportedly trying to curb just how much Tebow can lend his name to.
“The Jets are trying to limit his endorsements and off the field commitments to ensure his focus remains on the field. If it becomes distracting, it could affect the team,” an insider told us. “There is definitely jealously among players if one starts earning too much money off-the-field, and after Tiger Woods, all sponsors and endorsers are increasingly skeptical.”
Still, another source close to the athlete shot down the rumors as being”not true,” and said the team wasn’t trying to limit Tebow’s endorsements or social presence.
Regardless, according to California-based publicist and sportswriter Angie Meyer, Tebow’s image could be tainted by Tinseltown if he doesn’t keep a relatively low profile.
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Hollie McKay