Labor Violations Uncovered At iPad Factories

hcsp.jpgThe results of an audit of three Foxconn factories that manufacture Apple products has turned up “serious and pressing” violations of Chinese labor laws, according to a report by the Fair Labor Association, a non-profit commissioned by Apple to investigate Foxconn’s facilities.

A team of five to seven inspectors from the FLA visited three different Foxconn factories — two in Shenzhen, one in Chengdu — and spent up to five days at each conducting hundreds of interviews with workers and managers in an attempt to understand what labor problems existed at the manufacturing facilities of China’s largest employer.
According to the FLA’s 13 page report, the non-profit “observed at least 50 issues related to the FLA Code and Chinese labor law, including in the following areas: health and safety, worker integration and communication, and wages and working hours.” (See the full report below.)
Here’s an overview of the violations and discontents the FLA uncovered at the Foxconn factories:
Source: The Huffington Post | Bianca Bosker