A Million of Israel’s Enemies May Show Up to March on Jerusalem’s Borders


Security forces in Israel are on high alert ahead of Friday’s “Global March to Jerusalem.”

Organizers hope one million people will march on the border of Israel. But, there’s growing concern the event will turn violent and be used to shine negative light on the Jewish state.
Close to 100,000 people marched in the streets of Morocco earlier this week, chanting they would redeem Jerusalem with their blood.
Organizers of the Global March to Jerusalem hope that same result takes place at Israel’s borders and its embassies around the world.
“The march will demand freedom for Jerusalem and its people,” a statement on the event website reads. “And put an end to the apartheid, ethnic cleansing, and judaization policies affecting the people, land, and sanctity of Jerusalem.”
But supporters of Israel say the Jewish connection to Jerusalem dates back 3,000 years.
Some fear the March 30 marches will take a turn for the worst.
In June 2011, thousands of Syrians tried to breach Israel’s northern border. Several died during the confrontation with Israeli troops.
Some believe it’s this kind of incident that would play into the hands of the Global March organizers by making Israel look bad.
An email exchange by two organizers offered insight into what some are hoping.
“This will undermine the Israeli state like no other strategy and then it will all begin to unravel,” one email said. “The Zionist edifice, which is unravelling as we speak, will soon fall.”
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Chris Mitchell