Bestselling Author, Naomi Ragen, Ordered to Pay $60,000 for Plagiarism

hcsp.jpgA Jerusalem court has ordered one of Israel’s best-selling novelists to pay $60,000 in damages and legal costs to a fellow author for plagiarizing her material.

U.S-born Naomi Ragen denies lifting material from Sarah Shapiro’s work.
Ragen said on Wednesday that she would appeal the plagiarism conviction and the damages claim to Israel’s Supreme Court.
The Jerusalem district court ruled in December that Ragen knowingly reproduced material from Shapiro’s autobiographical book, “Growing with my Children,” for her own novel “Sotah.”
Ragen, who moved to Israel in the 1970s, is known for books focusing on issues facing ultra-Orthodox Jewish women.
She is a well-known activist for women’s rights in religious courts and a leading Orthodox voice against gender discrimination.
Source: The Associated Press