Israel Opens New Border Crossing to Jordan


After about 25 years with no representation, Israel’s Ministry of Tourism is opened a new border crossing at Israel’s central most border with Jordan, located at the Allenby bridge today.  Rising incoming tourist demand prompted the government to  improve their border  services.

Allenby, situated very close to Jericho, is a major international crossing point into Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories.  Many incoming tourists come to Israel and the Palestinian Territories via Jordan. Amman International Airport is a major transportation hub for incoming pilgrims. The crossing serves mainly tourists traveling from afar who fly directly to the Jordanian capital Amman, and then continue to Israel.
Surveys held last year by the Ministry of Tourism indiciated hat the security checks which the tourist undergoes while entering or exiting Israel are not viewed positively.
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SOURCE: Travelujah
Elisa Moed