Should Christians Avoid Some Careers?


Are there some careers that should be considered “off-limits” for Christians due to the nature of the job?

Not according to Gene Edward Veith, provost and professor of literature at Patrick Henry College, who recently shared his thoughts on the matter on The Gospel Coalition website.
“The doctrine of vocation means that God assigns us to a certain life – with its particular talents, tasks, responsibilities, and relationships – and then calls us to that assignment. God never calls us to sin,” he wrote. “All callings, or vocations, from God are thus valid places to serve. So strictly speaking, there are no unlawful vocations.”
For the former culture editor of World Magazine, the better question to ask is whether or not a particular line of work is in fact a calling or vocation from God at all, with some professions obviously “morally problematic” like that of con artists, criminals, drug dealers, and etc.
And another question to ask is whether or not Christians are fulfilling their purpose through their profession.
“The purpose of every vocation, in all of the different spheres in which our multiple vocations occur … is to love and serve our neighbors,” Veith wrote. “Loving God and loving our neighbors sums up our purpose.”
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Eryn Sun