The Real Reason Why Tim Tebow Was Brought to the Jets

hcsp.jpg“We have to bring in another quarterback that will make him work at practice. He’s lazy and content because he knows he’s not going to be benched.” — an anonymous New York Jets player talking about quarterback Mark Sanchez to reporter Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News back in January.

If there was any doubt that sentiment was true, or echoed by decision makers, it was erased on Wednesday when the Jets traded for Tim Tebow.
You do not bring Tebow in because you believe he can, at this stage of development, win you a Super Bowl right away. You bring him in as a one-man, personal come-to-Jesus meeting for the quarterback you believe can do it.
Welcome to Tebowmania, Mark Sanchez.
Work harder, win more, or prepare to be billboarded.
A come-to-Jesus meeting for all of y’all not from Texas is just a way of saying that the time has come to have an honest, no-holds-barred talk about this very huge problem, which in this case is Sanchez. Truth hurts, and rarely do such talks go down easily, yet New York obviously has a Sanchez problem and needs to get his attention.
Bringing in Tebow so soon after giving Sanchez a three-year contract extension says, “We love you but …” And that “but” was summed up perfectly by another anonymous Jets player when asked about the probability of hoisting a Lombardi Trophy with Sanchez.
“How can we when he’s not improving at all?” the player was quoted in the Daily News. “He thinks he is, but he’s not. He has shown us what he’s capable of.”
Mark Sanchez is a good young quarterback. He’s capable of great, though, and has shown that side when properly motivated. When his coach at USC, Pete Carroll, said Sanchez was not ready for the NFL, he came in cocky and firing and led them to consecutive AFC title games.
I do not know if he got lazy last season or just had a bad year. What I know is his fingerprints (along with plenty of his Jets teammates) were everywhere on their end-of-year slide, and there was enough locker room angst that big-time players felt comfortable shredding him to media.
Source: Fox News Sports | Jen Floyd Engel