Jets, Broncos Finalize Tebow Deal

hcsp.jpgTebow also spoke with reporters before the clock struck midnight ET on one of the most memorable offseason days in NFL history.

“I’m thankful (the Jets) believed in me and stuck with me through this whole crazy process today,” he began before clarifying, despite earlier reports, that he did not have the final choice between the Jets and Jaguars.
“Ultimately, I really didn’t have any (input), because the Broncos had all that power,” said Tebow. “It’s (been) an interesting day. … I’m excited to be a Jet at the end of the day.”
Tebow said Jets starting QB Mark Sanchez reached out to him earlier Wednesday and left a voicemail; the two later spoke. Tebow said they have “been blessed to be friends the last several years,” and he has no issues serving as Sanchez’s backup, which is how GM Mike Tannenbaum defined his role earlier in the night.
“Looking forward to seeing him soon and working with him,” Tebow said of Sanchez. “Definitely have a lot of respect for him. … He is such a classy guy and handles himself so well.”
Tebow was his typical good-natured self, embracing his new NFL opportunity even if it immediately means a demotion down the depth chart. He said he’s going to “come in and compete and get better as a quarterback and find other areas to help the team … and that’s my goal.
“I always try to put the team first.”
Source: USA Today | Nate Davis