Testimony of Blogger Who Was Delivered from Homosexual Lifestyle Inspires Others

hcsp.jpgLess than two years ago Matt Moore’s life was completely transformed when he put his faith in Jesus Christ. Having indulged himself for years in heavy drinking and a homosexual lifestyle, his life changed drastically when he realized he needed to submit to God and His view of homosexuality according to the Bible. Today, Moore is using his testimony to reach out to others and show them how God is powerful enough to save anyone in the midst of their struggles with all types of sin.

Moore’s recent blog post on CP Blogs titled, “My Story: Homosexuality, Drunkenness, Grace and Redemption,” has been wildly popular and has led many people to express their appreciation for his honesty about something that is certainly difficult for him to discuss.
In the blog post he says that he wants to “turn the emotion ‘switch’ off” at times because it is hard to write from the heart about his painful past. But he told The Christian Post on Tuesday that he fights against doing so in order to maintain his “relatability.”
“I don’t think putting on a front of perfection helps anybody. It just deceives people. And God already knows me better than I do as I am and, in my opinion, in order to glorify Him as much as possible, I need to portray myself to the world as I am,” Moore told CP.
Moore’s story of redemption is profound. Though he was never molested, he says he was “inappropriately exposed” to pornography and sexuality at a young age.
“From my experience in talking now to people who are either confused about their sexuality or repenting of homosexuality, 99.9 percent of the ones that I’ve talked to were sexually violated, molested or exposed to pornography at the young age of four- to seven-years-old,” he said.
Source: Christian Post | Jeff Schapiro