South Africa Marks Day of Apartheid-era Massacre

South Africa’s president is leading a
national commemoration of the day 52 years ago when apartheid-era police
gunned down 69 blacks protesting segregation in the township of

President Jacob Zuma
said Wednesday that South Africa honors its annual Human Rights Day by
remembering “these patriots and thousands of others who fell” in the
struggle that led to the first all-race elections that swept Nelson
Mandela to power in 1994. The newly democratic nation then adopted a
Bill of Rights and one of the world’s freest constitutions.

was addressing commemorations of rights day, formerly known as
Sharpeville Day, in Johannesburg’s Soweto township. On Tuesday, police
reported violent disturbances in Sharpeville north of Johannesburg over
demands the symbolic commemoration be held there.

SOURCE: The Associated Press