The Son of Robert Schuller says the Crystal Cathedral Was Brought Down by Sibling Rivalry


The Rev. Robert H. Schuller’s Son Says Sisters Challenged His Leadership

Is sibling rivalry to blame for the fall of California megachurch the Crystal Cathedral? According to the youngest son of Crystal Cathedral Ministries founder the Rev. Robert H. Schuller, rivalry among the minister’s children is what may have finally brought the financially-troubled church to its knees.

Dr. Robert A. Schuller, Chairman of Comstar and former senior pastor of Crystal Cathedral talks to The Christian Post.

Robert A. Schuller, the Schullers’ only son, alleges that during the time of his transition to leadership of the Crystal Cathedral in 2006, his sisters took advantage of their faither’s struggle with dementia to gain greater control of the ministry.
“They didn’t want to be accountable to me, their brother,” Schuller said in a recent interview. “So they took steps into their own hands to make sure that they had job security.”
“My sisters were able to manipulate that because of his mental capacities,” he claimed.
The Crystal Cathedral ministry was founded five decades ago as a start-up congregation in a Garden Grove, Calif., drive-in movie theater. The Rev. Schuller’s ministry eventually became one of America’s most noteable megachurches with a congregation that had up to 10,000 members at the height of its popularity.
Schuller’s recognition enabled him to become a worldwide figure for the evangelical community and one of the most prominent pastors of his time as he oversaw the opulent, $18 million Crystal Cathedral church.
But it was when the father of five began struggling with dementia that the ministry began tearing at the seams due to an alleged sibling rivalry among his children, says the younger Schuller.
Robert A. Schuller transitioned into the role of senior pastor at Crystal Cathedral following his father’s 2006 retirement. He was set to become his father’s heir to the ministry, preaching to millions worldwide, until he abruptly retired in 2008.
The younger Schuller’s retirement came as church leaders, including the Rev. Schuller, envisioned a different direction for the ministry and made the decision to have multiple Sunday preachers.
Source: Christian Post | Ivana Kvesic