“ObamaCare” Sparks Rallies for Religious Freedom Nationwide

After President Obama stated last month that all religious institutions will be forced to include contraceptives and abortion-inducing drugs in their insurance coverage under the new healthcare law, Americans have turned their outrage into one unified voice for freedom.

People are gathering in over 100 cities across the nation this Friday, March 23, to take a stand for their constitutional rights and freedoms. The “Stand Up For Religious Freedom – Stop the HHS Mandate” rallies will serve as a time and place for people to protest against the recent contraceptives mandate and publicly voice their demand that the government protect their religious liberty. All of these religious freedom rallies will take place at noon local time in each of the locations and do not require any prior reservations. Location sites and more information can be found on their website.
Two years ago we warned about these mandates. We stated that ObamaCare would be the biggest funding of abortion in history. Today, what we said would happen is now happening. ObamaCare is an assault on human life, religious liberty, and conscience.
Liberty Counsel filed the first private lawsuit on behalf of Liberty University and two private individuals against the federal government for the unconstitutionality of this bill. That case is being held by the Supreme Court while it hears oral argument on Monday, just days after the two-year anniversary of this bill.
Source: Liberty Counsel