Irving Bible Church of Texas Raises $1.7 Million for Fresh Water to the Sudan

hcsp.jpgA nondenominational Texas church that is working to help an African-focused charity provide fresh water for South Sudan has thus far raised $1.7 million for the effort. 

Steve Roese (Left), founder of Water is Basic, an organization that seeks to help provide clean water to South Sudan.

Irving Bible Church of Irving, Texas, is helping to fund the efforts of Water is Basic, an organization which seeks to provide fresh water for the nascent African country.
Steve Roese, a pastor at IBC and founder of WiB, told The Christian Post that the group came about from conversations he had with Sudanese religious leaders.
“At the time people were pouring back into the South only to find a devastated infrastructure and no access to water,” said Roese. “They were full of ideas in the areas of education, agriculture, trauma healing, health and sanitation, and church building but in the end they all agreed nothing mattered more than clean water.”
Roese then went back to the leadership of IBC and from there they agreed to “the funds to buy rigs and equipment” that the Sudanese would use to resolve the issue of clean water access.
“The entire funding, $1,700,000 so far, has filtered through IBC and been sent on to South Sudan. This is a Sudanese run project,” said Roese.
Since the efforts were started for this project, the nation of Sudan has had major political changes. In 2011, a referendum on the Comprehensive Peace Agreement was passed that gave independence to the southern territory of the Republic of Sudan.
Source: Christian Post | Michael Gryboski