Faith-Based Film ‘October Baby’ Brings Abortion to the Big Screen


When 19-year-old Hannah (Rachel Hendrix) collapses on stage during a performance, her parents decide it’s finally time to tell her the truth about where her health problems stem from: She was adopted after her birth mother attempted to abort her.

Bewildered, angered and confused, Hannah turns for support to Jason, her oldest friend. He agrees to let her come along on a spring break trip with friends. They’re headed to New Orleans, but they stop in Mobile Ala., where Hannah was born, along the way.
This plot line, meant to spark thoughts and conversations about abortion in today’s society, belongs to the new film October Baby, which hits theaters this Friday.
The film was written and directed by brothers Andrew and Jonathon Erwin. Andrew Erwin said his brother heard the story of a woman who was an abortion survivor, but thought a documentary would be too hard to watch.
“He decided to inject it into a coming of age love story that’s very entertaining and charming,” Andrew Erwin said.
He said studios originally turned them down, but after a successful showing at about 13 theaters in Mississippi, Alabama and Memphis, Tenn., in October, the film is opening on 378 screens on Friday.
“In the past five years with the rise of movies like Fireproof and Courageous, faith films are on the rise,” Jon Erwin explained. “I think the values of middle-America have kind of been dismissed by Hollywood, and I think they are realizing now there’s a huge market there because they are giving us a voice in films that we’ve never had before.”
Even before its release, the faith-based film is getting praise.
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SOURCE: Charisma News