Jordin Sparks Speaks with Great Enthusiasm About Whitney Houston

Jordin Sparks‘Battlefield’ songstress Jordin Sparks has
spoken for the first time since Whitney Houston’s death about what it
was like working with the star in the hugely-anticipated movie Sparkle.

The American Idol winner answered a series of question from fans about working with her idol everyday in the remake of the 1976 movie.

“She was an amazing, amazing superstar and she became my friend. It
was incredible to even be around her – she was such a sweet woman,”
Jordin said according to

The 22-year-old singer went on to reveal how she and Whitney
connected emotionally and went on to share detailed memories of how the
pair bonded.

“Something that I found out was that when she did The Bodyguard
she was 22, the same age that I am now and Kevin Costner was so sweet
to her and was so kind and just really wanted to mentor her and give her
an amazing experience on her first film – and I found out that she
wanted to do the same for me cause it was my first and it was something
that I was nervous about and she really did that.”

Sparks went on to share exclusive scene details of how Whitney would
 “have a little fun with her by making faces at her to try and make her

Sparkle is set for release on August 2012.

Whitney was found dead on February 11 at the age of 48. The cause of her death is yet to be determined.

SOURCE: TaleTela