Smashwords Reaches Agreement with PayPal

hcsp.jpgThe last few weeks of talks seem to be nearing an end for Smashwords and PayPal, who, according to Smashwords Website, will “soon announce revised content policies” that Smashwords founder Mark Coker expects “will please the Smashwords community.”

The Website states: “Effective immediately, we are returning our Terms of Service to back to its pre-February 24 state.”
The censorship issue started back in February, when PayPal demanded that Smashwords “correct” titles with controversial subject matter or face limited account accessability. Since then,  the two sides have been engaged in talks, while anti-censorship organizations rallied to Smashwords defense. Yesterday Smashwords posted that they had met with “our friends” PayPal at their San Jose office and had reached the agreement. Smashwords also thanked their authors in the post, saying: “Thank you for your patience and support during these crazy last few weeks.”
SOURCE: Publishers Weekly