Students at University of California May Be Asked to Check Box On Their Sexual Orientation


Incoming and transfer students who apply to the University of California system could not only be asked to check boxes that indicate if they are male or female, a veteran or if they have a felony convictions, but also be given the option to declare their sexual orientation.

The system’s Academic Senate recommended in January to the UC Board of Admissions that students be given the option of revealing their sexual identity, saying the information would be useful in determining how to meet the needs of entering students.
In December of last year, Board of Admissions and Relations with Schools chairman Bill Jacob, sent a letter to Dr. Robert Anderson, who chairs the systems Academic Council, referencing Assembly Bill 620 that was passed and signed by the governor. The bill requested that the UC system provide students the option of revealing their sexual orientation.
“BOARS appreciates the larger intent of AB 620 to reduce discrimination and improve the educational climate for LGBT students on campus,” Jacob wrote in his Dec. 9 letter. “We also emphasize that we support any efforts to convey a message that the University welcomes LGBT students and is interested in their welfare.”
In another letter from Margaret Conkey, who chairs the systems committee on affirmative action and diversity, Conkey advised Anderson that the committee recommended the information be collected on the State of Intent to Register form.
“We were particularly concerned to give individuals as many opportunities as possible, in addition to the SIR form, to self- identify if they so choose; that is, the same opportunities that are open to students to self-identify according to other perhaps more traditional ‘categories’ that appear on forms,” Conkey wrote in her Jan. 18 letter.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Paul Stanley