Rockets Follow Assassination of Gaza Terror Chief

hcsp.jpgGaza-based Palestinians barraged southern Israel with rocket, missile and mortar fire over the weekend following the targeted assassination of a terrorist leader.

The IAF retaliated against the terror infrastructure in Gaza, killing 17 Palestinians, the majority known terrorists. Over the weekend, four Israelis were injured in the attacks, one seriously.
On Friday, IAF aircraft scored a direct hit on the car carrying Popular Resistance Committee Secretary-General Zuhir al-Qaisi and senior PRC operative Mahmoud Hanani, who were planning a massive cross-border attack on Israel from the Egyptian Sinai.
Hanani, al-Qaisi’s son-in-law, was released during the prisoner exchange for IDF soldier Gilad Shalit last October.
At Sunday morning’s cabinet meeting, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel had “collected a high price” from the PRC, calling al-Qaisi an “arch terrorist who organized many attacks against the State of Israel.” Netanyahu said “time would tell” the extent to which the IDF operation disrupted the PRC’s latest scheme.
Since Friday, more than 130 rockets have been fired at southern Israel.
In August 2011, the PRC masterminded a multi-pronged cross-border attack from the Sinai, which left eight Israelis dead.
According to Jerusalem Post military correspondent Yaakov Katz, the decision to target al-Qaisi was based to a great extent on lessons learned last August.
Source: CBN News | Tzippe Barrow