Over 45% of Southern Republicans Think that Obama Is a Secret Muslim; 14% Believe he Is a Christian

hcsp.jpg Just when you were feeling good about being an American, maybe because spring has sprung a little earlier this year, out comes some news that makes you wonder about your country. Sad to say, it appears that Obamaphobia is rampant in the South. If you listen to a majority of Republican voters in two key Southern states, President Obama lies about his religion.

Obama may claim he is Christian, but voters in Mississippi and Alabama say that is just not true. He’s a Muslim. A few others aren’t so sure what he is.
A Public Policy Poll released on March 12 that looks at the voters in the Mississippi and Alabama races and their choices in the primary also asked them about their values. No matter what you think of their choices for Tuesday’s primary, their values and lack of knowledge are truly appalling.
For starters, they have a high opinion of Rush Limbaugh and by a two-thirds majority they do not believe in evolution. Is there any hope for a country when its electorate is so ill informed? How are they going to be making informed choices in the primary? What the heck are they reading or even listening to?
No matter what your own political persuasion, such downright ignorance is frightening. But it gets worse when they basically insist that President Obama is a Muslim no matter what he says.
Source: Washington Times | Catherine Poe