California Church Uses ‘Courageous’ Film to Lead 1000 Police Officers to Jesus Christ

hcsp.jpgThe movie Courageous had an incredible impact on men across the United States. Many men were moved to take their families back for Christ as they watched the story of a police officer who commits to Christ and to being a better father following the sudden death of his daughter. 

In this scene from “Courageous,” police officers Adam Mitchell (Alex Kendrick) and Shane Fuller (Kevin Downes) search a home for wanted criminals. (Provident Films)

Jaron Ministries’ outreach, Code 3 International (Christian Officers for Discipleship and Evangelism), challenged law enforcement in Fresno, Calif., through the film. Jaron’s Rob Carter says they developed a program called “Give a Cop a Ticket,” which had a profound impact.
“For the six weeks of the movie’s running in theaters, we ended up being No. 1 in all of North America for box office sales just promoting it to law enforcement,” Carter explains. “We saw God set up 20 follow-up Bible studies.”
While that itself was an incredible answer to prayer, Courageous is now having a profound impact around the world. Carter just returned from the Philippines and says: “We showed the film to about 4,000 officers and saw nearly 1,000 come forward to receive Christ as Lord and Savior in response to the film.”
Local churches are now providing follow-up care to these new believers. Carter says it’s not stopping there.
“They are now working with local churches in Manila to continue the work–to take the movie to every law enforcement headquarters and show it to their department.”
Carter isn’t sure if Provident Films envisioned that the movie would go worldwide, but that’s been Code 3’s vision.
Source: Charisma News | MISSION NETWORK NEWS