WATCH: Netanyahu says ‘Israel Must be Master of Its Own Fate’

hcsp.jpgWhen it comes to Iran, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu wants America and the world to know the Jewish state will decide how it deals with the growing nuclear threat.

With security guards close by his side, Israel’s leader told more than 10,000 people at Washington, D.C.’s American Israel Public Affairs Committee conference he’ll never let his people live in the shadow of annihilation.
“My friends, we deeply appreciate the great alliance between our two countries,” the prime minister said. “But when it comes to Israel’s survival we must always remain the masters of our fate.”
Some analysts say Netanyahu’s words confirm that it’s not “if” but “when” Israel will strike Iran.
“Israel has patiently waited for the international community to solve this,” Netanyahu said. “We’ve waited for diplomacy to work; we’ve waited for sanctions to work. None of us can afford to wait much longer.”
His speech to the pro-Israel lobby followed a long White House meeting Monday with President Obama. The main topic of the meeting: stopping Iran’s quest to build a nuclear weapon.
Source: CBN News | Jennifer Wishon