New Google Play Combines Apps, Music, Books and Movies

Google PlayGoogle is unifying its digital entertainment offerings into a single
cloud-based destination called Google Play. Starting today, Android
Market, Google Music and the Google eBookstore will become part of this
new online emporium.

Google’s Director of Digital Content Jamie Rosenberg announced Google Play in a blog post. At,
you’ll be able to store all the music, movies, books and apps you’ve
previously bought through what had been separate Google stores, or visit
the site to fetch new content. Google Play will be available on the Web
and on Android smartphones and tablets.

is supposed to be fun. But in reality, getting everything to work can
be the exact opposite — moving files between your computers, endless
syncing across your devices, and wires…lots of wires. Today we’re
eliminating all that hassle,” Rosenberg wrote in the post.

Google Play, you can store up to 20,000 music tracks or purchase new
songs from a catalog now north of 8 million tracks. Google Play also has
more than 450,000 Android apps and games available for download, and
more than 4 million eBooks, which Google claims is the largest eBooks
collection anywhere. You can also rent thousands of movies.

says the Android Market app on Android phones and tablets, as well as
apps for music, books and videos will be updated over the next few days
to Google Play Store, Google Play Music, Google Play Books and Google
Play Movies apps. Google will push the update directly to most devices
though in some instances the update will come from your carrier or
handset manufacturer.

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