Tebow Connects with Faithful at Las Vegas Church


The first person in line arrived with his wife and 5-year-old at 4 a.m. Saturday, more a symbolic gesture than any real concern another might have the same thoughts about showing up 12 hours early.

I can’t believe the 5-year-old was all that fired up, never mind awake.
This is the level of fascination Tim Tebow holds with some, a spiritual certainty played out at Canyon Ridge Christian Church over the weekend, where thousands gathered over the course of four services to hear the Denver Broncos quarterback share his Christian beliefs and watch him teach a pastor how to “Tebow,” proper kneel and all.
Once the 3,000-seat main church at the corner of Lone Mountain Road and Jones Boulevard was filled, the overflow crowd was ushered into an 1,800-seat tent to watch via video feed. A live Internet stream of Tebow on Saturday night was viewed in places such as Bangladesh and Afghanistan and Taiwan. He is that big a deal to some.
Tebow has become an immensely scrutinized and globally polarizing figure in sports, either beloved by fans who embrace his openness of faith or lambasted by critics who mock him for it, and also take shots at his throwing motion.
The latter group is as convinced his message isn’t genuine as they are he will never prove to be a consistently productive NFL player.
They would have been terribly disappointed this weekend.
About the genuine part, that is.
He still hasn’t proven them wrong on the other.
There were no cue cards, no prepared notes, no autographs, no interviews, no photo ops. Tebow’s intent and that of the church was to protect the integrity of the service and message.
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SOURCE: Las Vegas Review-Journal
Ed Graney