Sea of Galilee Water Level Up

hcsp.jpgA major winter storm that brought rain, sleet and snow throughout the country raised the water level at the Sea of Galilee (the Kinneret) by nearly eight inches.

With winter winding down, Israel’s main source of sweet water is still about 11 feet below the red line.
Four days of heavy downpours also helped replenish some of the coastal and mountain aquifers, though a lot more rain is needed to fill them after seven winters of below average winter rainfall.
By Monday, temperatures were beginning to rise, as patches of blue peeked through partly cloudy skies.
The storm, which came from Europe, was accompanied by strong winds that knocked down trees and power lines around the country.
The much-needed rains brought tragedy to one family in Modi’in Ilit, an ultra-Orthodox neighborhood about halfway between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv.
A seven-year-old girl who had been walking with her father near the swollen Modi’in stream slipped in the water and was swept away.
Rescue workers searched for almost an hour before a team of Zaka volunteer medics finally pulled her unconscious from the water.
She was airlifted to Tel Hashomer Medical Center, where doctors were unable to resuscitate her. 
Source: CBN News