Beckah Shae – A Troubled Girl Finds the Light and Becomes a Rising Star in Christian Music

hcsp.jpgBeckah Shae has had a Dove award nomination, two top ten hits on Christian radio, and she was even featured as iTunes’ “Discovery Download of the Week”! Before the limelight and fame, Beckah endured years of heartache. When she was four years old, her parents divorced. Her mother’s second husband was abusive, so beckah and her mom often fled for their safety.

“We would stay in hotels,” says Beckah.  “We would stay with family members, at friends’ houses. We would just be all over the place. Sometimes it was really bad, where I was taken to foster homes. We stayed at battered women’s shelters for three to six months at a time.”
But Beckah says she had a source of comfort during those times. She met Jesus as a young child.
“I woke up in the middle of the night and I had a supernatural encounter with Jesus.  And it looked like as if you were to look at the sun.  And I was obviously curious so I got out of bed and I walked toward the door. I was attracted to the light, so I kept walking, and as I got closer to the door, the light began to take form and He was wearing a white robe and He hugged me.
“In those times, that would normally be lonely or scary times, God was real to me. He was that hug.”
 When Beckah’s mother married a third time, the family moved to upscale Orange County, California. For Beckah, this was culture shock.
 “I suddenly began to realize that I wasn’t pretty enough, or skinny enough. I believed I wasn’t smart enough. I wasn’t good enough.” 
 Beckah struggled with bulimia and depression.
“I became very insecure and totally self-absorbed and at that point I began to hate myself.”
Beckah says she totally walked away from God.
“I dabbled with so much little bits. I partied a little bit, I drank just a little bit, I experimented with drugs just a little bit. I was promiscuous just a little bit.”
 In 2001, Beckah moved to Las Vegas to sing in a cover band.  Beckah calls it the “dark period” in her life.
“It was dark in the sense of the atmosphere that was surrounding me, because I was in a house full of guys who were all on drugs. And we were singing in bars where there was bar brawls and things like that.
“I was so desperate for light, and God, and so I found a church. I remember just crying out to God and repenting, saying how have I gotten this far from You? Just forgive me. It was an awesome moment with me and God. And I asked Him to make a way out for me, and immediately after the service a woman came up to me and asked if she could pray for me.
Source: CBN The 700 Club | Tim Smith