Is ABC’s “Good Christian Belles” Mocking Christianity?


A pro-family organization says there’s good and bad news when it comes to a new TV show that debuts this weekend on ABC.

One character saying, “I feel certain that the good Lord would like me to have a new fur coat. God often speaks to me through Christian Dior,” is reportedly among the cleanest clips from Good Christian Belles, a new television program premiering this Sunday night.
Monica Cole, director of the American Family Association’s, reports that GCB’s producers responded to her group’s earlier protest regarding the show’s original title.
“They have reworded the title. It was an inappropriate word in there. ‘Belles’ was swapped out for another ‘B’ word. They have improved the title, but as far as the program, it’s going to be a Christian-bashing program,” Cole explains. “So we’re asking moms to contact ABC and their parent company, the Walt Disney Company, and let them know that we aren’t going to stand for it. We’re going protest this particular show.”
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SOURCE: OneNewsNow
Bill Bumpas