Does the American Church Fear Suffering for Jesus Christ?


A youth missions leader said that part of the reason the American church has fallen asleep is that it fears suffering.

Tom Lin, director of Urbana Student Missions Conference, spoke at the Verge 2012 Conference in Austin, Texas, on Thursday. He said that the millennial generation of youth is one of the most knowledgeable generations, but also the most fragile – it is afraid of suffering.
The American church “has made leadership a sexy thing, made it cool – we don’t teach our youth to engage in suffering,” Lin said. But “when we look at Scripture, Jesus asked leaders to die to the things they care most about.”
The student missions leader cited the biblical story of the rich young ruler who asked Jesus how he could inherit eternal life. Jesus told him he had to give up everything. Lin said that “it’s not easy or sexy to follow Jesus or his call for us to carry our own crosses. There is nothing sexy about the rich young ruler leaving everything and the core of his identity behind.”
But what the story shows us is that Jesus is calling the church to engage in suffering. “It’s not a coincidence where leaders are suffering the most, are also places where the church is growing the most,” Lin pointed out.
Lin also noted that even though in the story Jesus asked the rich young ruler to suffer, what Jesus was really trying to say is the ultimate ending for his followers is good because they will gain eternal life.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Brittany Smith