Mark Driscoll Gives Emotional Sermon on Sexual Assault, Which His Wife Is a Victim Of


It was the one sermon Mark Driscoll never wanted to preach. But on Sunday, the Seattle pastor stood in front of thousands and delivered an emotional sermon on sexual assault, which his wife is a victim of.

Sexual assault is an epidemic, Driscoll emphasized to Mars Hill Church. And to ignore it is to create a church culture where people can’t be honest about what’s been happening to them.
Displaying the weightiness and sensitivity of the topic, Driscoll shed a few tears throughout the sermon, which he based off of chapter seven of his latest book, Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together. The only time he gets emotional, he pointed out, is when women and children are in danger.
Titled “Disgrace and Grace,” the chapter was written by his wife, Grace, and addresses her past when she was sexually assaulted by her then boyfriend as a teen.
It wasn’t until 13 to 14 years into their marriage that Driscoll learned about the abuse in detail.
Recalling the time his wife opened up to him, Pastor Driscoll stated, “It was one of those moments where I knew what had happened to my wife … and it was devastating.”
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Lillian Kwon