Boko Haram says It ‘Enjoys’ Killing Christians in Nigeria

hcsp.jpgAn African terror group linked to al Qaeda has declared war on Nigeria’s Christians.

Islamic fighters have killed scores in multiple attacks on Christian homes and churches. There have been calls for revenge, but also for forgiveness.
Madalla Christmas Massacre
“It was a beautiful day. We came to church to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ,” worshipper Uche Bonaventure said.
“People started coming as early as six o’clock in the morning. It was going to be a joyous occasion,” recalled Father Issac Achi, at St. Theresa’s Catholic Church in Madellah
But it never turned out that way.
“It was five or ten minutes after the first service and suddenly this boom!” Bonaventure remembered.
A suicide bomber in a vehicle packed with explosives drove up a busy street and stopped in front of the church. Bonaventure and his 17-month-old son had just walked out the church’s front doors when the bomb exploded.
“The explosion threw me on this side and my son was hurled across the other side. Around me I could see bodies on fire,” he told CBN News.
Within minutes husbands became widowers, wives became widows, children became orphans and parents were childless.
The suicide bomber knew exactly when to strike. It was shortly after 8 a.m. on Christmas morning, December 25 2011, as one service was ending and the next one was just about to begin.
Twenty-six of the 44 people who died that day attended St. Theresa’s church.
Source: CBN News | George Thomas