Black Christian News ( Encourages the Celebration of Black History All Year Long with Two New Books


The editors of (, the #1 daily black Christian internet newspaper, releases two new books that celebrate black Christians in history and black Christian historymakers today. With these two books being released on the last day of Black History Month, BCNN1 will encourage readers to take these books with them and celebrate Black History all year round.

The first book, “100 Most Influential Black Christians in History” celebrates 100 black Christians who have made an impact in the Christian community and in the world down through the years. Though these 100 people have long since gone to Heaven, it is important that we remember their legacy and the good work that they did for the Lord and for the world. Some of the black Christians remembered in this book include: Richard Allen, Marian Anderson, Augustine, Moses Baker, Lott Carey, Martin Luther King, Jr., John Hope Franklin, Rosa Parks, and Phillis Wheatley.


The second book, “The 50 Most Influential Black Christian Historymakers” celebrates 50 African-American Christians who are making an impact in the Christian community and in the world. These are people from every aspect of Christianity — preachers, singers, writers, ministry leaders and community activists. Some of the black Christians included in this book include: Harry Jackson Jr., Ralph West, Tony Dungy, T.D. Jakes, Tony Evans, Miles McPhearson, Thelma Wells and CeCe Winans.
Both of these ebooks will be released on the last day of February 2012 — Wednesday the 29th. They will be exclusively available for $3.99 on as a Flipviewer version, and for just 99¢ on Amazon Kindle. PRIME members will be able to read this book for free. This book will also be made available for reading on the following devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Phone, PC, and Mac.

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