Talk With Your Spouse Now About Retirement Plans


There are many reasons I agreed to marry my husband, but one thing that clinched it for me was his answer to a question I asked early in our courtship.

“Where do you see yourself when you retire?” I wondered.
“I see myself in a rocking chair on a porch in a warm location watching our grandchildren playing in the backyard,” he said.
I swooned.
I’ve been looking forward to retiring with this man ever since. And in our 20 years together, we’ve had many conversations about our retirement plans.
Last year, Fidelity Investments conducted a survey to find out whether couples are talking with each other about how they see their retirement years. For the most part, the surveyed couples who were approaching retirement or already retired weren’t communicating well.
Less than half of couples were handling their retirement investment decisions and savings together. One-third said they either don’t agree or don’t know where they plan to retire. Nearly two-thirds of the couples approaching retirement didn’t agree on the age at which they would retire.
“Millions of American couples have worked very hard to save for retirement. However, far too many don’t take the time, or have the comfort level, to jointly discuss their plans for the future,” Kathleen A. Murphy, president of personal investing at Fidelity, said when the retirement survey was released.
Murphy said couples should sit down long before they retire to discuss not just financial issues but things such as what lifestyle they hope to enjoy.
Not sure how to get the conversation going or worried it will end in an argument? Then I have a book for you. In fact, this would be a great gift to give your spouse for Valentine’s Day. To me, the romance in a relationship is enhanced with better communication, especially regarding something as important as retirement.
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SOURCE: The Washington Post
Michelle Singletary