Magic Johnson Says About Lin: ‘God is Good’


Focus on Harvard sensation Jeremy Lin once again brought faith-talk and basketball analysis simultaneously together, this time via NBA legend Earvin Magic Johnson during ESPN/ABC’s TV coverage of the New York Knicks’ victory over the Dallas Mavericks on Sunday.

Johnson, who is rated the greatest NBA point guard of all time (ESPN 2007), now serves as a pro basketball commentator and analyst for the network. Although already a big fan of Lin, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Hall of Famer said after the game there should be no question as to the legitimacy of the Knicks’ point guard.
During a game summary wrap-up between fellow analysts, including Jon Barry, Johnson said before commercial break, “Like Jeremy Lin says, ‘God is good.'”
Johnson tweeted after the game: “There shouldn’t be anymore questions as to whether @Jlin7 is legit so are the Knicks.”
Earlier in the week, a game-winning shot by Lin over the Toronto Raptors inspired Johnson to tweet: “Everyone should be a believer in @Jlin7 after his shot to win the game tonight.”
Although Johnson does not talk about his faith often on television, his reference to God on Sunday is not a surprise to many in the Los Angeles area who have followed his career and life.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Alex Murashko