Catholic Eternal Word Television Network Files Lawsuit Against Government Over Birth Control Mandate

hcsp.jpgA Catholic television network has decided to sue the federal government over the Department of Health and Human Services’ controversial new rules on contraception coverage.

Eternal Word Television Network, whose station brings programming to more than 145 million homes globally, announced their suit on Thursday, Feb. 9.
EWTN President & CEO Michael P. Warsaw told The Christian Post that they are being helped in their lawsuit by the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty.
“It was the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty that first offered its services to EWTN should the Network have wanted to take action against the HHS mandate,” said Warsaw.
“Once the HHS rules were promulgated on January 20, 2012, EWTN formally retained the Becket Fund as its counsel and moved forward with the suit.”
The day after EWTN filed suit against the government regarding the contraception, President Barack Obama announced that the rule would be modified in response to the outcry by religious groups.
Despite this, Warsaw said that with the president’s announcement, “there is actually more uncertainty about the rules and their application to EWTN.”
According to Obama’s announcement on Friday, religious nonprofits and employers will still have to cover contraception, abortifacients and sterilization, but now they have the option to opt out of directly providing those services and instead have the organization’s insurance company provide the coverage.
Source: Christian Post | Michael Gryboski