Instead of Watching Madonna During Halftime on Sunday, Watch Tony Dungy

hcsp.jpgMost of the country will be glued to the television Sunday evening for the Super Bowl — but Christians, especially those hosting watch parties, are encouraged to play a free video message from a former championship coach as an alternative to Madonna’s halftime show.

Tony Dungy and his wife have recorded a three-minute video on the topic of adoption. Marc Andreas, vice president of marketing for the adoption agency Bethany Christian Services, shares about the video — and the Dungys.
“They themselves have opened their heart and their home to several adoptive children,” he explains. “And so Tony wanted to make available a personal message that he wanted to share with many, many Christian families across the country to take a few minutes out during the Super Bowl to do something for children.”
Andreas says the Super Bowl this year is the perfect backdrop for Coach Dungy to share from his heart.
Source: One News Now | Bill Bumpas