Crawford Loritts, Who Recently Called the Reformed Church to Repentance regarding T.D. Jakes, Preaches About the Power of a Father in a Boy’s Life at Desiring God Conference

hcsp.jpgA man is a portrait of what has been invested in him, said Crawford Loritts, pastor of Fellowship Bible Church in Roswell, Ga., said at Desiring God ministry’s annual conference today.

The theme of the conference, held at the Minneapolis Conference Center, was “God, Manhood & Ministry – Building Men for the Body of Christ.” Prominent evangelical pastor John Piper is hosting the event, and speakers are exploring the role of manhood in ministry and culture.
Loritts preached in Minneapolis shortly after participating in The Elephant Room conference last week. At this conference though, he spoke about something much more personal: his own father.
“A man only knows he’s a man when a significant role model or his father tells him so,” he told those in both the live and online audiences. “Manhood is imprinted.”
He told fellow pastors that in order to imprint their own sons they have to “get up close and personal with [their] boys, they have to smell your cologne. They have to hear your heartbeat. Often you have to stay in their faces.”
He used an example from his own childhood of how his father left an impression on him. When he was 12 years old, his father asked him to help with a painting job. Loritts said he tried to get out of it by asking his mother to let him go out and play instead.
When his father found out he told Loritt’s mother, “That boy one day is going to have to be somebody’s father, somebody’s husband, and that boy is going to learn today that he has to do the things he doesn’t feel like doing, but has to do. Son, you take your hindparts upstairs and paint till I tell you to stop.”
When his father said this, Loritts said it was a defining moment in his life. “He was pulling me out of impulse behavior. He was calling me up to a vision, he knew it was time for me to make a transition,” he said.
Source: Christian Post | Brittany Smith