WATCH: Special Ops ‘Mothership’ Heads to Persian Gulf

hcsp.jpgRecent U.S. and European sanctions against Iran have gotten tougher, but that hasn’t stopped the Islamic regime’s quest for nuclear weapons.

Now, the United States is ready for a new military show of force. The Pentagon is sending the USS Ponce to the Persian Gulf, where it will become a floating base for U.S. Navy SEALs.
The ship was scheduled to be retired weeks ago, but now has a new mission — to search for mines and enemy activity.
“What it’s going to be is the mother ship for special operations forces that will allow the U.S. to covertly deploy our special operations warriors to really difficult parts of the world,” explained ABC News consultant and retired Col. Stephen Ganyard.
The Ponce will be equipped with cranes to extract mines. Twelve small boats can dock on the ship and there is room for four helicopters, as well as an operations command center.
In addition to deploying the Ponce, the Defense Department will ask Congress for more money to retool the military’s bunker busting bombs. Experts are concerned that the 30,000- pound bombs may not have enough explosive power to destroy Iran’s underground nuclear facilities.
Ganyard says the military moves aren’t just window dressing.
“It’s true preparation. The message is also getting through to the Mullahs and to Iran,” he said.
Source: CBN News | John Waage