Over 3,000 March in New York City to Protest Ban on Churches Renting Schools


Some 3,500 people marched across the Brooklyn Bridge to City Hall Park Sunday in protest of the ban on churches renting New York City’s public schools on the weekends.

Council Member Fernando Cabrera, who is also a pastor, led the march, along with religious leaders and elected officials from the area, in efforts to urge Mayor Michael Bloomberg and the Department of Education to reverse the policy that will – beginning on Feb. 12 – evict churches meeting at public schools.
Cabrera told The Christian Post that the ban will force about 68 churches that hold weekly services to relocate. It will also affect another 100 churches that rent space on and off throughout the city.
Rents in New York are expensive and suitable space is limited. Cabrera said he knows of only one church that has been able to find a new place to meet.
The ban, he pointed out, affects mostly small churches.
“I’ve been very disappointed with those who call themselves ‘fathers’ in the city who have megachurches and have not stepped up. They have not been to one of the press conferences, not one of the rallies,” he told CP. “Here is the question: Are they losing the prophetic voice? This is a frontal attack. We’re not talking about a social issue, were talking about a frontal attack toward churches. Where are they?”
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Brittany Smith