Will Obama Have Trouble with Christian Voters In Reelection Bid?

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Both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama face an uphill battle convincing voters that they share faith values that are similar to a largely Judeo-Christian America, according to a newly released book exploring the link between religion and the presidential election.

“There are some interesting parallels between Obama’s and Romney’s situations,” said Public Religion Research Institute Director of Research and Co-founder Daniel Cox. “Most people don’t know their religious faiths.”
Cox wrote a chapter about Americans’ perceptions of Obama’s faith in the newly released Religion and the American Presidency.
In the book he reveals that only four in 10 Americans believe that Obama is a Christian. Similarly, only four in 10 know that Romney is a Mormon.
Additionally, Cox said both Romney and Obama are commonly viewed as having religious beliefs that the majority of Americans say are “more religiously dissimilar than similar” to their own beliefs.
Americans, the book finds, favor a president with strong religious beliefs that mirror their own.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Stephanie Samuel