North Nigerian Governors Declare War On Boko Haram


GOVERNORS of the 19 Northern states yesterday, rose from a meeting at 2 a.m. with Vice President Namadi Sambo, vowing to put an end to activities of the Boko Haram sect.

The governors noted that after an intense brainstorming at the meeting which held at the Aguda House, residence of the VP in the Presidential Villa, it became clear that what the sect intends to do is to divide the country.
To identify and crush the group, the governors said they have resolved to “go back to the old traditional way of gathering information and gathering intelligence by using people.”
In attendance at the meeting of the 19 northern state governors with the Vice President were the Minister of Police Affairs, the Minister of Defence and the representative of National Security Adviser.
Speaking to journalists at the State House immediately after the five hours meeting, Niger State Governor and Chairman of the Northern governors forum, Dr. Muazu Babangida Aliyu, admitted that the federal government was dealing with a well-trained group of people who are not many by the understanding of the intelligence community but noted that ‘they (Boko Haram) are well trained and their motive is really to disintegrate many parts of the country; even they don’t recognise even the borders that we have.’
He said, ‘We have discussed generally the terrorist activities of the so called Boko Haram, identified and try to define who they are and, fundamentally, what we discovered is that what they want is possible division of the country.
‘We understand they do not recognise the constitution of Nigeria and so any attempt by anybody to either move to the south or to the north in the name of religion or in the name of regional sentiment is like making these people succeed without making any effort.
‘Because their efforts like any terrorist is to create a situation where people will react by themselves so that they achieve their objective and that is why all of us, particularly the governors of 19 states of the north, agreed that each one of us must go beyond the normal duty to assure people of their safety and to do those things that would further create the confidence of the people so that they stay where they are and continue to do what they are doing.
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SOURCE: All Africa