How to Get the Most Out of Facebook’s New Timeline Apps


Facebook is expanding its virtual scrapbook feature, Timeline. Now, in addition to letting people see your current and past Facebook activities, you can show them what you’re up to elsewhere on the Web.

This is thanks to the new Timeline Apps feature, which allows a new set of apps to grab and post activity from other websites and services into your Facebook Timeline.
For example, if you install the Words With Friends app, all your Words With Friends account activity appears in Facebook.
As of this writing, 80 apps are available, but Facebook has promised to release even more. The apps already available include some big names, including Hulu, Yahoo! News, eBay, Zynga, Rotten Tomatoes and TripAdvisor. A full list is below.
To install Timeline apps, first you need to activate Timeline. Here’s how to do that.
Then visit the Timeline Apps page to find apps you want to use. Each app has an install page that shows you what the app does and allows you to adjust its privacy settings.
Not all apps post to Timeline automatically. For some apps, you turn on the “post to Timeline” feature right from the app install page. Others require you to enable from within your Facebook Account Settings.
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Kim Komando