Super Bowl Provides Great Opportunities for Sharing the Gospel


Last year, more than 111 million people watched Super Bowl XLV to see the Green Bay Packers defeat the Pittsburgh Steelers. That’s a lot of people in one place at one time.

This year, the NFL has given its blessing for churches to broadcast the Super Bowl, relaxing a previously restrictive policy and allowing public showings of the big game on TVs larger than 55 inches. Churches can now legally have a Super Bowl party without violating the league’s copyright. 
As believers and church leaders, we should be asking questions like, “What is God up to?” and, “How can we use this opportunity to share the Gospel?”
Denver quarterback Tim Tebow, along with Focus on the Family’s John 3:16 commercial, have increased the national conversation regarding the intersection of faith and football. One magazine reporter even asked his Twitter followers to tell him the meaning of John 3:16.
Other athletes and sports celebrities are finding themselves on The New York Times bestseller lists with books about faith and values. It would be safe to say that the opportunity to springboard the conversation from sports to the Gospel is at a zenith.
Many churches and groups will use their Super Bowl party as a launching pad for future men’s ministry. Let me make a few recommendations on how to use some of the biggest names in sports to be strategic and successful.
First, do some thorough preplanning. Look for proven resources that your church or small group can show before, during or after the game that will challenge people to know Christ and grow closer to Him. 
If you are truly looking for a way to turn the Super Bowl into an event that will have an eternal impact, then high-quality resources are the way to go. Keeping the Super Bowl vibe and experience going are important.
One resource I’d recommend is from Sports Spectrum, the top Christian sports magazine in the country. They developed a Super Bowl halftime video every year called “Power to Win.” A long-time tradition, Power to Win helps the lost see Christ in a new way and provides great encouragement and hope to those who have been walking with Christ for decades. 
For this year’s Super Bowl on Feb. 5 in Indianapolis, Power to Win will feature professional football players whose stories focus on character and grace. As always, the video will finish strong with the plan of salvation.
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SOURCE: Baptist Press
Jason Ellerbrook