Mike Huckabee Makes It Clear that He Did Not Endorse Romney


Fox News Host Mick Huckabee distanced himself from an ad produced by Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign bearing his name and featuring his voice. The move shows social conservatives remain uncomfortable with supporting the former Massachusetts governor.

Huckabee issued a statement Monday clarifying that he did not work with the Romney campaign to produce the campaign video titled “Huckabee.”
“The use of the actual audio from my show, “The Huckabee Report,” was not authorized for use by any candidate. My quotes are public domain and just like the numerous complementary things I have said about other candidates, they have been used to highlight something positive in a political ad,” he said.
The video features Huckabee’s Jan. 10 criticisms of fellow candidates’ Bain Capital attacks.
Bain Capital is a venture capital and private equity firm Romney co-founded. Romney has highlighted his experience with the firm as an example of his job-building experience. Republican candidates, namely Newt Gingrich, have attacked Romney and the company for laying off workers and breaking up companies.
The political ad, which featured Huckabee’s likeness, gave the appearance that Huckabee had aligned with the Romney camp to demonstrate that the former Massachusetts is the most knowledgeable business leader in the GOP race.
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SOURCE: Christian Post
Stephanie Samuel