Iranian Cleric Calls Christianity the ‘Most Horrifying Intelligence Organization in the World’


After Iranian Intelligence Minister Heidar Moslehi desperately pleaded with seminaries to stop the spread of Christianity, an Islamic cleric stated that evangelical Christianity is the most horrifying intelligence and security organization in the world.

According to the Iranian Christian news agency, Mohabat News,  , the Revolutionary Guard-backed news agency Fars quoted a pro-regime Islamic cleric — who was introduced as an outstanding scholar in denominations — as saying “evangelical Christianity is the most horrifying intelligence and security organization in the world!”
In a conference on ‘New-Age Cults’ in Varamin, a county south of Tehran, Akhond Mohsen Alizadeh said: “We should not allow these cults to question Islamic jurisprudence under the cover of mysticism.”
He added: “They tell the youth that God is wrathful and horrible in Islam but is love in Christianity. Also, Christian preachers answer the questions and doubts of youth in their own interest and try to attract them.”
The Mohabat News agency says that after strongly warning against false mysticism, “this misguided cleric suggested that a place in universities be dedicated for the study of false mysticism in order to explain real Islam so that the youth will see that Islam is a great defensive and attacking plan of life.”
However, according to the news agency report, he neglected to mention what kind of Islam was introduced and practiced in the thirty three years since the Islamic revolution, “so that now they want to show the true face of Islam, especially to youth!”
Mohabat News says it is not clear what kind of reasoning this scholar used to relate evangelical Christianity to horrifying intelligence organizations.
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Michael Ireland