Santorum says Conservative Endorsement is Helping in S.C and Beyond

Rick SantorumFormer senator Rick Santorum said Sunday that the weekend endorsement of several prominent Christian conservatives will not only help his campaign in South Carolina but also in other GOP primary contests.

Santorum won the endorsement from the Family Research Council,
a group of 150 influential Christian conservatives who emerged
Saturday from a two-day emergency meeting in Texas to try to coalesce
around a conservative alternative to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney.

feel very good about that. We feel like that conservatives are
coalescing around our campaign, and that’s going to be good for us not
just in South Carolina but as we go forward,” he said. Santorum said he
was not concerned about the timing of the endorsement, which came a week
before the state’s primary.

“This is the third state; there’s a long way to go,” said the former senator from Pennsylvania.

Tony Perkins,
president of the Family Research Council, said in a conference call
Saturday that after “three rounds of balloting,” there was a “strong
consensus around Rick Santorum as the preferred candidate for this

Santorum made the remarks following a “Faith, Family and Freedom”
campaign event inside Percy & Willie’s Food and Spirits restaurant,
where he told South Carolinians
not to believe the hype about Romney and to “vote their conscience” in a
speech laced with Biblical references and references to his personal
beliefs. While Santorum didn’t mention the endorsement during the event,
voters here as well as his supporters said they are a mark in his

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SOURCE: Jackie Kucinich, USA TODAY