Richard Land says Evangelicals Choose Santorum Because Social Issues Are Important

hcsp.jpgProminent evangelical Dr. Richard Land appeared on Fox’s “The Willis Report” Monday to discuss the GOP presidential nomination and the recent decision by evangelical leaders to support former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum.

Land, president of the Southern Baptist Convention’s Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission and executive editor at The Christian Post, said the group of conservative Christian leaders chose to support Santorum, mostly because of the candidate’s social views.
The key issues, Land said, were “the sanctity of human life, the same-sex marriage issue, being pro-family and how those people, those candidates, have stood on the issues through thick and thin throughout their careers.”
Land joined a council of evangelical and conservative Christian leaders in meeting with five representatives of GOP presidential candidates this past weekend in an effort to decide whom to endorse.
“[There was] a real desire to get together to see if it was possible to get behind one of the social conservatives and quit dividing the resources and allegiances three ways,” Land said of the meeting of more than 150 social conservative leaders Saturday in Texas.
After hearing pitches from candidates’ surrogates Friday and deliberating Saturday morning, a majority of the group voted to endorse Santorum on the third ballot.
Source: Christian Post | Matthew Cortina